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Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

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Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Hey there Beauty Queen! Are you fed up of wasteful wet wipes and throwaway makeup remover wipes? Well let us help you find your inner eco-warrior and make the switch today!

In an age where throw away products have become the norm, its no wonder we are now finding that our throwaway lifestyle is harming our planet! That's where these fantastic reusable makeup remover wipes come in, not only will they help reduce or completely remove your need for makeup removing wet wipes they are far better for the environment. Unfortunately, wet wipes are full of plastic and can only be used once, they usually end up in the ocean, landfill or end up becoming fatbergs in our sewer & water systems.

Our reusable makeup remover wipes are so easy to use, simply add your favourite makeup removing product to the pad and wipe away, repeat until all makeup is removed. You can also use these makeup wipes to apply cleanser and toner.

These reusable makeup remover wipes can go in with your laundry as long as they are put inside a laundry bag, mesh bag or a pillowcase (it stops your machine eating them!), simply dry and use again! Simple and effective and will also help you save money and the planet at the same time, win-win!

We’re really proud that all our products are made using solar power, making all of our products far more environmentally friendly.

Made from a cotton towelling backing and either poly cotton or 100% cotton our reusable makeup wipes are scrap busters, meaning we can reduce our fabric waste too, which is something we are extremely keen to do! Each wipe is approximately 3.5" but this can vary slightly, also please note some wipes aren't perfectly round, this is because any overlocker or sewing machine prefers to sew in a straight line, they don't like circles. As the reusable makeup remover wipes are made using scraps designs and patterns vary per batch, we may not be able to give full sets of specific fabric designs, we use what we have available!

Easterkins Made in Britain

All our fabrics are pre-washed in Fairy Non Bio Gel.