I'm Sewing for Smiles, so 10% of every sale between 01 July 2021 and 31 July 2021 will be donated to Operation Smile United Kingdom via Work for Good.


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Easterkins Founder Emma Easter on the right wearing a navy zipper and hair tied back, is holding a baby girl called Lillie, who is wearing a pink outfit with a frill at the neck, she is holding her mothers car keys.
Easterkins is a family-run business based in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales. That was born in 2019 out of frustration. While I have no children of my own, I became increasingly frustrated when shopping for family and friends at the lack of gender-neutral and sustainable children's clothing in supermarkets and on the high street.

I found myself forced into segregated aisles for boys and girls, filled to the brim with the pink, sparkly, princess or blue, dinosaurs and princes. Why can't boys wear pink and girls wear dinosaurs? Where is that rule written?

So I set myself a mission to create fun and funky garments that our customers will adore and cherish regardless of their gender.

Then, of course, you have the sustainability issue, so many items come wrapped in plastic and are shipped from countries such as China, Bangladesh and India.

Where working conditions are often poor and dangerous, and where that child's t-shirt you were eying up may have been made by a child in the first place! Then you have to factor in the carbon footprint of each item, which is too high; fast fashion is damaging our planet.

I'll be honest I haven't always been so aware of how damaging the fashion industry is to the environment. Hugh and Anita's War on Plastic shown on the BBC got me thinking and making changes! I was appalled to see my own local authorities recycling bags strewn over the landscape in Malaysia that upset and angered me.

I'm committed to sustainable fashion, which means your little ones can wear my clothes with good conscience, knowing that they are made from ethical materials with no harm to the environment.

Ecologi climate positive workforce image showing a gorgeous green woodland, the Easterkins logo is visible too.
I've partnered with Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce and plant a tree for every order, but I'm are doing more! The Easterkins studio is powered by solar energy, our packaging is plastic-free and FSC approved. Our fabric is printed here in the UK using eco-friendly ink and is organic.

So my mission at Easterkins is to raise awareness around sustainability and break down the gender stereotypes within the children's clothing industry, allowing children to be children and sewing for smiles!

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