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Reusable Soap Pockets

Soap Pockets

Fed up of your soap bar slipping and sliding around as well as getting washed away? Then look no further than our reusable soap pocket! Made from Cotton Towelling our soap pocket hugs your bar of soap, making sure it can’t escape and you get to use every last bit of it. Finished with a cotton or polycotton binding and a super soft handling ribbon.

Perfect for all ages and very easy to hold, simply pop in your soap bar, wet and scrub away. Once your finished just hang it up ready for next time, once you’ve used all your soap you can add the soap pocket to your laundry and get it ready to use again!

Size: 5” x 5” approx.

Easterkins Made in Britain

*We have tested our soap Pockets with Bomb Cosmetics Handmade Soap Bars.

Care Guide

When washing me please don’t add conditioner/softener, treat me like a towel and ideally please wash me on 30c to look after the environment. I’d prefer to be dried on the radiator or line, but I can be dried on low in the tumble dryer.

*All our fabrics are pre-washed in Fairy Non-Bio Gel, this ensures the fabric is clean for us to work with. We recommend that you re-wash our products in your own detergent before using them.