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Reusable Nursing Pads

Calling all breastfeeding mothers? Are you currently breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed? Then no doubt you’ll be using nursing pads. The question is, are you using or planning to use single use/disposable nursing pads? I’m sure those of you that are currently using disposable nursing pads, have a love, hate relationship.

There’s nothing worse than that adhesive backing getting stuck to your already sensitive breast, and then there’s the issue of them being visible through your clothes, especial once you’ve disturbed them! Nightmare right? Then there’s the cost, after all once you’ve used that disposable pad, you have to throw it away and get another! We all know money is tight when your on maternity leave too. So my question to you is...... have you considered a soft, yet absorbent reusable alternative? If not why not?

Why use our reusable nursing pads?

  • Eco-friendly - no single use plastic disposables here!
  • Super Absorbent Organic Bamboo Core, keeping those leaks at bay for longer.
  • Unique teardrop shape
  • Breatheable - did you know that plastic backed disposables are not as breathable and can cause fungal infections such as thrush?
  • Easy to put back in place after feeds!
  • High quality and super soft fabrics.
  • Available in packs of 3 pairs or 6 pairs, making it convenient for you
  • Wash and reuse, which will save you money and save the planet too!

Each pad has a soft anti-pil fleece front which goes against your skin, an organic bamboo fleece core which is super absorbent and a cotton/cotton jersey back. The designs on the cotton back will vary per pack as our Reusable Nursing Pads are made using pieces of fabric too small for clothing, helping us to reduce our waste!

Our Reusable Nursing Pads are a fantastic way to reduce your use of single use products, in favour of a more eco-friendly option.

These nursing pads are suitable for a light/medium leak, if your leaking is heavier then please get in touch I can help, based on your individual needs.

Available to order as a 3 Pack (contains 6 individual pads) or a 6 Pack (contains 12 individual pads).

They are approx 10cm wide and 14-15cm long from top of the teardrop to the bottom. Please bear in mind that each nursing pad is cut by hand and sewn slight size differences can occur.

Why use an Organic Bamboo Fleece Core?

  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • 70% bamboo viscose 30% organic cotton
  • Manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes.
  • CPSIA compliant, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability.
  • Made with yarns certified by the GOTS (the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres) and engineered to meet exacting USA requirements, this is the highest quality-assured organic fabric on the market.

I'm Sewing for Smiles, so 10% of every sale between 01 Jul 2021 and 31 Jul 2021 will be donated to Operation Smile United Kingdom via Work for Good.

How to Care for Me

To stop your machine eating me please put me inside a laundry wash bag or inside an old pillow case.

I like to be washed in an eco friendly way but can be washed on a warm wash (30c-40c) and tumble dried on low, but I’d prefer a radiator.

Please don’t add conditioner to my wash otherwise I can’t absorb properly!

Fabric Composition

Front (Close’s to skin) - Anti-pil Polar Fleece (100% Polyester)

Core - 70% bamboo viscose 30% organic cotton

Back - 100% Cotton/ Cotton Jersey

*Fabric Patterns Vary Per Batch

Easterkins Made in Britain

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