I was selected as one of WalesOnline’s 35 under 35 for 2020

Wow, well something weird yet wonderful happened to me yesterday (9th December 2020)! I was selected as one of Wales Online’s 35 Under 35, which is a list of exceptionally talented business and profession women from around Wales, that are aged 35 and under. (Find the List Here)

I had been nominated by the amazing Simon Collins of Paperclip PR and if I’m completely honest, I didn’t think I had a chance of being named. So when the list was published and my phone started going crazy, on Wednesday morning, I was very surprised! 

What was I doing when I found out? I was laying in bed planning my day! Honestly! Lilly (my dog) was laying at the foot of the bed snoring and my do not disturb had just turned off. It took a little while to sink in, what all these notifications were for. My sleep addled brain hadn’t woken up yet!

The the awesome Jamie from Welsh ICE tagged me in his post on the Welsh ICE Community Facebook group. It was then it really started to sink in! I had been named along side Lesley Williams, a lady that really helped Easterkins get started! She is the face of Welsh ICE’s 5 to 9 Club, an after hours business course to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their business startup goals! Also named were fellow 5 to 9 Club Alumni Jen Harding of the fantastic Danger Doodles and the equally fantastic Esme Eros of Duxford Studios!

There are 34 other truly amazing ladies on the list alongside me and it’s an absolutely privilege and honour to be named as one of the top young business and professional women in Wales for 2020!

Never did I expect to have had such a wonderful 2020 considering everything that has gone on this year! So thank you to everyone that has supported me and Easterkins this year. I look forward to sharing this journey with you for many years to come! 

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