Top Trends for Kids Fashion in 2021

Well what a year 2020 was! With everything that happened last year it's no surprise that we are looking forward to some relief in 2020! Our children had their lives turned upside down so it's no surprise that this year colourful patterns and those with quirky designs are looking to be popular. Pastels and rainbow colours are set to be big this year and marketplaces such as Etsy have already chosen their colour of the year! If you were wondering, Etsy says Sky Blue is going to be hot in 2021!

Personally I’m expecting Rainbows to be massively popular yet again this year, something I’m more than happy to run with. After all who doesn’t love a rainbow? 

So let's get on with it shall we? Here are my Top Trends for Kids Fashion for 2021!


I’d be crazy if I didn’t list rainbows at the top of this post. I love them. For me they hold a sad but beautiful memory, which I won’t go into here. However, in 2020 the rainbow was everywhere, painted in windows on pictures drawn by our children and on a plethora of gifts too! 

So in order to bring the light, love and hope of that rainbow into your child's life I’ve got my hands on some beautiful fabrics. 

Cute Lil Dragons Rainbow Romper

This super fun fabric is an exclusive design, illustrated by the fantastic Mim Gibbs from the Dragons Cwtch. These adorable rompers can be made with a snap closure on the crotch to make nappy changes easier (preemie to 6-12 months only). I can guarantee you won’t find this fabric anywhere else!

I’m currently transitioning all my fabrics to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), so currently some of the Cute Lil Dragons Rainbow fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Rainbow Babies Romper

This is a brand new fabric to Easterkins and it’s part of the first batch of GOTS Organic Jersey and I’m super pleased with how this design has turned out! Featuring baby Tigers, Leopards and Elephants with beautiful pastel rainbows. This gorgeous design would make a fantastic baby shower or new baby gift, it's just so sweet! Comes with the option of a snap closure on the crotch (preemie to 6-12 months only) or without. 

Space and Science

I’m a massive fan of all things space, so I’m super pleased to find that this year others are looking to the stars and beyond for fun and unique designs for their children's nurseries, accessories, toys and of course clothing!

I grew up in a time where Science and of course space was a job for boys, where the microscopes and telescopes came packaged in boxes covered in photos of boys enjoying them. So I really wanted to create some unisex products that incorporated my love of science and space, here are a few things!

Galaxy Romper

Ahh this design fills me with joy, the kawaii style illustrations are just so fun and the colours on this fabric are just so beautiful. This was one of my very first fabrics I purchased a license to print and I am so glad I did! I’ve also been able to use all of my OEKO-TEX fabric so I will be printing this fabric on GOTS Organic fabric going forward. 

I Want To Be A Scientist T-Shirt

I don't want to be a Princess I want to be a Scientist T-Shirt Design

This one really goes back to that time where the only thing for little girls was princesses, where science was for boys and if you were a girl with an interest in science you were weird! Well you know what I never wanted to be a princess, I was much happier staring down a microscope and I later went on to study Forensic Anthropology so I guess I just didn’t listen. Do you have a science crazy daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Why not get her a super fun science themed t-shirt?

Unisex Styles

Now this isn’t exactly a trend thats been picked up by fashion guru’s but personally I think that unisex designs are going to be big this year. After almost a year of lockdown, financial constraints I honestly believe that styles that can be passed on or reused will be massive! I’m sure many of us have realised that fast fashion isn’t everything it's cracked up to be. Covid has a massive impact on fashion and I do think there are major changes to come… this space!



So I’ve shared some of my thoughts on emerging fashion trends for kids in 2021! Do you think something else will be popular this year or maybe you have something you think should be a trend. Let me know in the comments, it would be great to hear what you think.

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