Studio Vlog 4: Come Work With Me


Good morning, everybody, It's Tuesday morning and I didn't record much yesterday because I just needed to get on with what I was doing, and how quite a lot I needed to get done yesterday, and it was just a case of it was easier for me to just get on with that. So today, I need to finish up, I started yesterday. And basically, I started making some of our brand new organic rompers and which I absolutely love the fabric that I've got for these, I've had this custom printed, so it's literally fantastic quality.

I've only done a few sizes in it just because I wasn't sure what people would want. And because the fabric is what I show you. This is the fabric. As you can see, it's mostly white. So I was quite worried that, you know, with older babies that were just starting to crawl that people wouldn't want white on, you know, for rompers because, you know, babies crawling, things get dirty.

So I've only done these in zero to three and three to six at the moment. So they're gonna have snap closure crotches for nappy, and diaper changes. So yeah, I'm gonna see how these turn out. If people decide that actually, they really want the larger sizes, then that's fine. I'll just order more of this fabric. As I said it is custom printed, so it does take about eight to 10 weeks to arrive with me. But if people like it, then that's absolutely fine.

So I'll just put the computer on. And that's just kind of starting. So it did Windows Updates last night so it's bit funky. So that's done now. So I'm going to get the overlocker turned on and I'm going to serge the cuffs on to the legs and then I need to put the snap plackets on which need to be basted first, just to stop them flying all over the place when I'm trying to overlock them. So my next update will probably be once that's done so let's get on with it.


Hi, everybody, it's now Friday. And I'm really, really sorry, I know I've been absolutely awful at recording for the vlog this week. And I didn't record any of the brand new organic romper range, which I'm really annoyed at, I should have.

I have kind of been sporadic about everything this week. But I do have a T-shirt that I need to get done today and it needs to be posted today. It's for a little girl's birthday. So it's gonna be really important that I get it done and sorted. So I need to get on to that like now. I'm going to put the time-lapse in of that being stitched out.

So I'm going to get on with it. I've got a couple more orders to do after that again, I need to go out today. So yeah, I'm going to just get on with it. Thanks very much for watching, guys.


Hi, everybody. So it's now 1:39 pm, I've got to get the orders which I have packed already into their envelopes here, and I need to get them to the, into the house, I need to get them all stood up ready to go to the post office. And I need to get to the post office for about two o'clock. It closes at half-past two. So I want to be sure that they're there before the pickup arrives from Royal Mail.

It's been a bit weird today, everything's just taken so much longer than it should have. I think some of it is me just not feeling the kind of vibe that I usually feel. So the weather doesn't help either. It's absolutely blown again, and tip in down with rain.

So yeah, basically, I'm just gonna get these into the house, get on to Royal Mail, click and drop, get the labels printed, get them bagged, and get up to the post office. So these can go today, they should start arriving probably tomorrow because these are going, first class. And so hopefully tomorrow, if not Monday, which is great because one of them is for a birthday gift. So I do hope that the lady that's going to be receiving that is very happy with her new t-shirt.

So I'm going to leave it at that. And I'm going to end the vlog here guys. But if there's anything that you would like to see more of, please let me know in the comments. And of course, give this video a thumbs up. And if you'd like to subscribe to the channel, please do and ring the bell so you get notifications when I post a new video or go live. So thanks very much for watching, guys.

Have a great weekend and see you soon. Bye

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