Reusable makeup wipes and other eco-friendly ideas for your home

Hey there future eco warrior, yes I’m talking to you! I see you're looking for some reusable makeup wipes, well I’ve got you covered and I’m going to share some other eco friendly ideas for your home too!

With everything going on currently with the Covid-19 pandemic, supermarkets are running low on many supplies, including non essentials such as wet wipes. I’ll be honest I’m not worried at all about non essentials, why? Well that’s easy, it’s because I use reusable products for removing makeup, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the dogs paws, heck you can even use reusable nursing pads, sanitary products and wipes for babies!

Think about it how did people cope before we invented wet wipes and disposable nappies? Yup, that’s right they used reusable cloth options! So let’s take a look at these reusable options in more detail shall we?

Reusable makeup remover pads/wipes

These beautifully simple reusable makeup remover pads are made of 2 layers of fabric. A cotton towelling front which you add your favourite makeup remover, cleanser or toner to and simply wipe off. The back is a lovely cotton or polycotton patterned fabric, who said makeup wipes had to be boring? As these wipes are small circles they work really well for removing eye makeup but also removing foundation, etc from around those fiddly areas like the nose. 

Once you’ve removed all your makeup you simply need to add them in with your laundry. When washing them do so with towels as you shouldn’t add any conditioner or softener to them, this won’t help! You may also want to put them in a laundry bag or inside a pillowcase. This is just so your washing machine doesn’t eat them! 

Now let’s get into some numbers shall we? So for those of you that wear make-up, think about how often you wear it and how you remove it. Let’s say for example you wear makeup 6 days a week and use 3 make-up remover wet wipes to remove your makeup. In one week you’d be using 18 wet wipes a week, that’s approximately 72 wet wipes a month and 864 wet wipes per year! Now that’s scary, especially when almost all wet wipes contain plastic meaning they add massively to your plastic waste! I’m guessing most of you would then pop these in the bin, so those 864 wet wipes will end up in landfill and the tiny particles of plastic will work their way into the soil and waterways. Now how many of you buy so called ‘flushable’ wipes? Well, they don’t actually exist right now! They don’t disintegrate quickly enough to avoid causing massive fatbergs that block sewers and cause flooding by sewerage! Now I’m pretty sure none of us want raw sewage backing up though our toilets, do we? 

The price of disposable wet wipes whether they are specialist makeup remover wipes or just normal wet wipes varies. So much so you can find yourself paying a small fortune for something you only ever get to use once! You're literally throwing money away! So reusable products aren’t only great for the environment but they're great for your bank balance too!

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Reusable Wipes

Ok so hands up how many of you use antibacterial wipes around the house? I’ll be honest before I started sewing I did, regularly! However, once I physically held these wipes in my hand I found loads of uses for them. I’ll list some of these uses below

  1. Unpaper roll - kitchen roll alternative that’s perfect for wiping up spills around the house!
  2. Cleaning cloth
  3. Window cleaning wipe
  4. Polish wipe
  5. Baby wipes for nappy changes or general sticky clean ups (different sets of course!)
  6. Flannels/wash cloths
  7. Replacement for toilet paper ( pop into a bucket to soak once used then into the washing machine)
  8. Dog paw wipes

And much, much, much more!

These wipes are made from a cotton towelling front and cotton or Polycotton back which have some pretty cool designs on! I challenge you to sit down and work out how much you spend per month on all of the above items. I bet it’ll work out to be more than you thought. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy one pack of wipes each and reuse over and over again? How much would you save?

Again with these wipes once they have been used you simply need to wash and dry them, they can then be used again! 

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Soap Pockets

This one is more about getting rid of those pesky plastic bottles, that most of us seem to have loads of! I only really became aware of this in my own home after watching Hugh and Anita’s War on Plastic on the BBC. I watched as they asked a whole street to bring out their single use plastic bottles, the amount was staggering! I decided to check out my own collection, and frankly it was horrifying. From bottles of shampoo, conditioner to body washes and shower gel the list felt almost endless as did the bottles. I decided then that as a family we would significantly reduce this! We set about using these plastic options first and seeing if we could remove labels to reuse and if not we reluctantly put them for recycling.  

My biggest find was for shower gels we had LOADS, and I mean loads. Some from secret Santa and Christmas gifts, others weed just picked up. I sat down at the sewing machine and took a long strip of cotton towelling, added some patterned cotton binding and a hanging loop. Once sewn together I added a simple bar of soap, no plastic in sight and certainly no liquid soap! 

I handed one to each member of the family and we’ve been using our soap pockets ever since! They are perfect for children who may find bath time with a bar of soap an annoyance! All you need to do is add your bar of soap, wet the soap pocket, wash, and reuse until your bar of soap has completely gone! Then you just add the soap pocket to your towel wash, dry and reuse! Just think of how many bottles you could get rid of by using these awesome soap pockets! 

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Reusable Nursing Pads

For the breastfeeding mothers that are reading this, we’ve got a solution just for you too! Are you using those horrible disposable nursing pads? With that annoying plastic, sticky back, that never goes back right after a feed? 

Sit down and think how many of these disposable pads you’re using and how much that’s costing you. Pretty eye watering isn’t it, especially when you sit down and think about how much less money you’re getting whilst on maternity leave. Have you considered a reusable option?

Why use our reusable nursing pads?

  • Eco-friendly – no single use plastic disposables here!
  • Super Absorbent Organic Bamboo Core, keeping those leaks at bay for longer.
  • Unique teardrop shape
  • Breatheable – did you know that plastic backed disposables are not as breathable and can cause fungal infections such as thrush?
  • Easy to put back in place after feeds!
  • High quality and super soft fabrics.

Available in packs of 3 pairs or 6 pairs, making it convenient for you

Wash and reuse, which will save you money and save the planet too!

Each pad has a soft anti-pil fleece front which goes against your skin, an organic bamboo fleece core which is super absorbent and a cotton/cotton jersey back. 

Why use an Organic Bamboo Fleece Core?

  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • 70% bamboo viscose 30% organic cotton
  • Manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes.
  • CPSIA compliant, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability.
  • Made with yarns certified by the GOTS (the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres) and engineered to meet exacting USA requirements, this is the highest quality-assured organic fabric on the market.

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I hope that you’ve found the blog useful and that some of these products will help you to be more eco-friendly in your home. Do you have any other eco-friendly options that you use at home? If so please do let me know what they are below.

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